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Professional services for IT projects CTC provides a team of seasoned professionals with expertise in areas of systems integration, system audit, systems administration, expert analysis, and project management, capable of implementing and deploying “turn key” solutions for security policy on corporate IT systems according to customer specifications, and currently accepted best practices.
Our Solutions VMware Expert Solutions Security Services HP Openview Operations Management Appliance
Network Monitoring Services – EMS
Why monitor?Perhaps the most important aspect of an IT infrastructure, and more often than not, the most overlooked, is the internal Monitoring Solution. For many companies, system uptime, network health, or application availability is at the heart of their business, and any downtime has a price tag attached to it. In other words, minutes = dollars when you can’t conduct business, EVERY minute counts.

Many companies still rely on either a manual routine for checking system health, or a phone call from a customer stating they are having problems executing a transaction. It is for this reason that a proper proactive Enterprise Monitoring Solution is critical to business operations and the success of a company.
Custom Solution DesignWe understand that it may be difficult to sort through the multitude of products available on the market, or easy to go with a product promising to be the all-in-one, out-of-the-box monitoring solution, but it’s not that simple. Not every product is well suited for every environment.

Without doing an in-depth analysis of your current environment, then researching all of the different products, with their capabilities and limitations, a solution that is both cost effective and optimizes your existing resources is very difficult to achieve.

This is where you may benefit from our knowledge and experience in the Enterprise Monitoring Solution field. Our experience with the many monitoring suites of products allows us to tailor a solution for your environment, and not a cookie-cutter design that we push to all our customers.

Our design and implementation teams have been deploying solutions successfully for years in many different industries, including Aviation, Investment Banking, Telecom, Health, and Stock Trading Floors to name a few. No matter what your industry, or the level of security required in your environment, we can help you properly manage your resources.
HP Openview
The products that we specialize in are the HP Openview suite of products. HP is the market leader when it comes to their monitoring and alarming solutions, so all our professionals are very well versed on all products, and certified on the latest versions.

Our expertise includes Operations for Unix/Windows, Network Node Manager using Extended Topology, Performance Insight, Performance Manager, Service Desk, Radia, Service Navigator, Service Information Portal, OV Internet Services and OV Reporter, and any Smart Plug-Ins (SPIs) that are needed to interact with 3rd party applications. We also provide custom application monitoring if an existing solution or SPI does not exist. Your needs dictate your solution.
Openview Consulting Services –
You may already have a monitoring solution in place, but may need some assistance either upgrading to a version that is supported if your existing version is to be EOL soon, or monitoring a new environment with which you are not familiar.

You may just want to optimize your existing deployment, feeling you’re not getting all you could out of the product. Whatever the reason, we provide certified professionals to fulfill your mandate.

Being up to date on all the latest versions, our consultants will ensure that the product is being used to its full potential while running at maximum efficiency.
Openview Maintenance –
Our consultants are available to come on-site on a per-hour or per-day basis for any support or maintenance required. Another method of providing services to our customers is remote maintenance and support.

All we need is a secure link or connection to the management server, and we can do the work that needs to be done without ever coming on-site.

This solution proves especially useful when after-hours work needs to be performed, or if travel to the physical location becomes cost prohibitive.
Customized Openview Training
for Customers
If we have just implemented an Enterprise Monitoring Solution for your company and you want your internal IT staff to take over administration when we’re done, we offer personalized training for your environment.

Your staff will be given knowledge of the products we’ve implemented, how they interact with each other, and how they all have been customized to your specific environment. We can train local at your site, or at our facility.
Enterprise Monitoring Solution – Design/Implementation
Our consultants will provide a complete assessment of your current environment; work with your IT staff to find any problem areas that may need special attention, and create a scope of work detailing the steps that will be taken in an agreed timeframe, also showing what your environment will look like once the work is complete.

Upon completion of this phase, the ROI also becomes evident. The before and after snapshot gives you, the customer, a view of a more efficient solution, eliminating the need for any redundant products that may exist, freeing up the time of your IT staff to work on new projects instead of maintaining the existing system with tedious tasks that have now been automated, and a proactive solution that doesn’t rely on any manual intervention or notification from outside parties after hours of downtime.
Technical Support Help DeskUpon completion of your solution, we can offer you a Technical Support Agreement for any ongoing needs you may have going forward.

Our Help Desk staff is highly skilled in resolving any Openview problems that may arise, or any questions you would need answered.

You can choose to have either a regular business hours agreement, or a 24/7 agreement, depending on your needs.
Remote Network Monitoring We recognize that some companies find the total cost of an Enterprise Monitoring Solution a little high, or are just not big enough for a full-blown suite of products. It is for this reason that in the near future, we will be providing Remote Enterprise Monitoring from our secure Network Operations Center (NOC).

From our center, we will be able to view your systems and their performance, and be the first to react if anything were to go wrong. We will be staffed 24/7 with network and application professionals able to resolve any issues that may arise.

This way, you can benefit from a full Enterprise Solution at a fraction of the cost, without the overhead or software purchase, licensing, staff, etc…Let us monitor your infrastructure, and alert your staff only if their involvement is absolutely necessary.
Security Services
Typical interventions are non-invasive or otherwise performed during regularly scheduled maintenance windows. Activities such as data gathering are scripted and automated, likewise for solution deployment and alert resolution. The guiding principle here is no un-planned service outages.

Alert analysis and risk assessment are performed in order to help the client categorize his exposure and prioritize solutions according to client driven timelines and compliance requirements.

Objects and resources made available on corporate systems are examined and counter-validated with the client’s internal resources in order to minimize potential for accidental information leakage.
Offered Services
  • Customized systems hardening for UNIX, WINDOWS & MAINFRAME platforms in the corporate environment
  • Systems monitoring
  • Risk assessment
  • Testing strategies
  • Custom scripting and automation solutions
  • Security alert resolution
  • Solution deployment strategies
  • Technical documentation
  • Coordination and communication services

Security Advantages
Impartial team of professionals shields full time employees from implementing unpopular or politically sensitive security policies

  • Offload extra workload from internal resources
  • Manage multiple, concurrent related projects
  • Deep understanding of complex corporate environments
  • Nearly 60 years of combined experience, efficient and result oriented

Operations Management Appliance (OMA)
CTC Makes IT Easy

Check out the Operations Management Appliance Youtube Video

Expert Solutions
CTC Inc provides customized and personalized business solutions through the aid of a carefully chosen and three-tiered Consultant testing methodology, focusing on business, technical and inter-personal skills.

Leading the Pack We are experienced in dealing with a range of business verticals, including Telecommunications, Finance & Manufacturing. We provide specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Business Analysis
  • Software, Data & Database Administration
  • System Administration
  • Security Solutions
  • Systems Integration
  • Managed IT Outsourcing
  • Technology Consulting
  • CRM Consulting
  • Development and Application Programmers
  • Turn Key Projects
  • Operations Support
VMware Enterprise Solutions
CTC is proud to provide customized Virtualization solutions to help customer deal with migration from a physical to virtual environment. If you are considering the migration, partially or fully migrated, it is important to remember that despite the huge benefits of Virtualization, managing your infrastructure is more important than ever.

As a VMware partner, CTC can assist with the design and implementation of VMware solutions to simplify customer IT environments, optimize their existing computing investments and respond faster to changing business demands.

CTC has worked hard to develop custom solutions for both the small & medium size business market, as well as larger scale IT environments. No matter how small or how large your VMware environment is, the same amount of rigor used in physical IT environments, is required when implementing and managing your VMware infrastructure.

Working closely with our enterprise management practice, we have been able to identify major customer pain points. In doing so, solutions designed to target those have been created. Our comprehensive Virtual Assessments can help identify the following.

  • Virtualization strategy for testing and deploying virtual infrastructure
  • Server provisioning & controlling Virtual Server Sprawl
  • Enterprise Management & Service monitoring for VMware
  • Virtual Storage utilization visibility
  • Backing up your data Virtual environment

If you are interested in learning more about our virtualization assessment and solutions, please contact us.

CTC and HP have worked closely together in 2010 to help customers realize the benefits of Virtualization, but also help customers understand the necessity of having a comprehensive management approach.

Here are some presentations which were co hosted by HP and CTC this past year.
Title: Optimizing service modeling, discovery and monitoring VMware Environments
Those who attended were entered in a random drawing for 1 CTC Virtualization Assessment (link to the offering)

HP Software Universe 2010 Presentation
Title: Managing virtualized environments: agent less and agent-based solutions for managing VMware environments using HP SiteScope, Operations Manager agents, and Virtualization SPI

A VMware dedicate blog some of our VMware and Enterprise Management Experts write for and maintain.

On April 13, 2010, Luigi Tiano(CTC HP Software Practice Director) is co-presenting in a HP webinar on:
“Service modeling, discovery, and monitoring for VMware environments: 5 tips for optimizing management of your virtual infrastructure”.

CTC would like to offer a free week of consulting to one person who attends the webinar. The free week of consulting will be conducted by one of our VCP-Certified consultants, the consultant will evaluate the winners concerns regarding virtualization management and make recommendations to address his/her pain points.

All you need to do is attend the webinar (register here - HP Canada.) and either

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Update your LinkedIn status with this (and check the twitter box next to the “Share” button): I have registered for a free virtualization webinar and a chance to win a week of consulting services. Learn more at

And you will be entered in a chance to win the 1-week consulting package.

Register for the webinar at HP Canada.

To learn more about the 1-week consulting package we are offering, please download the CTC VMware Infrastructure Health Check document.